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Left 4 Dead
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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead was announced for the PC and Xbox 360 not too long ago. The game features four survivors trapped in a city that has turned zombified. In classic horror-survival fashion, players controlling the “Survivors” must find a way to escape to safety. But there’s a bit of a twist to this next-gen action-survival game; other players will be in control of the “Infected”, or better known as the zombies. It’s a multiplayer battle for supremacy, pride and survival. We recently conducted a Q&A with Turtle Rock Studios’ founder, Michael Booth, regarding the game and some of its features. Check it out below.

VG Core: It was mentioned in another interview that Left 4 Dead would have urban and rural environments. Exactly how free or constricted will the gameplay areas be? Are we looking at classic Resident Evil corridors and blocked off roadways, or will this be a bit more open-ended, similar to what City of the Dead was supposed to be?

Michael Booth: Early on, we experimented with a completely open and unstructured city environment. While there were definitely interesting mechanics with such a design, for the most part players found it confusing and frustrating. In Left 4 Dead, it is a challenge just to stay alive and keep your team together. Getting lost added an unnecessary layer of complication that distracted from the core game experience of survival and cooperation.

What evolved from this early playtesting is a more structured map design that affords the Survivors some flexibility in route choice without paralyzing them with too many possibilities.

VG Core: There's mention of online and offline play, but for the Xbox 360 will there be any split-screen play?

Michael Booth: Split screen play is something we are interested in investigating.

VG Core: Dual Wielding is a big thing in shooter games these days. Will there be any dual-wielding, and if so, what sort of weapons will have the dual-wielding capability?

Michael Booth: The weapons in Left 4 Dead are typical of those you would find during such a catastrophe in a modern environment: Shotguns, pistols, hunting rifles, and so on. In keeping with the gritty survival horror atmosphere, the Survivors are not superheroes - they are regular people in extraordinary circumstances. As a result, the only weapon you can "dual wield" are pistols. The other weapons are just too large and powerful to use two of them at once for any practical length of time.

VG Core: Melee combat isn't necessarily important, but will the "survivors" be able to fight when not armed with a weapon?

Michael Booth: Even though the Survivors are heavily armed, there are often more Infected than bullets. We've given the Survivors a melee "shove attack" where you can quickly swing your weapon and knock away a mob that has surrounded you.

This shove attack is also a very effective defense against certain Boss Infected attacks as well. For example, a well-timed shove can stop a Hunter in mid-pounce and stun him for a moment, allowing you to take him out with a well-aimed shot. If you sneak up behind a common Infected,
the shove attack will kill them ... silently. This melee attack is also very useful for busting out windows and other breakable objects, and even occasionally moving teammates out of your way.

VG Core: How many players, in total, will be able to populate the gameplay areas?

Michael Booth: Currently a Left 4 Dead server hosts a total of 8 players - 4 Survivors and 4 Infected.

VG Core: Are there any plans to have usable vehicles at any point in the game?

Michael Booth: If you survive the "finale" at the end of each campaign, there are various vehicles in which you ride away to safety.

VG Core: Is it possible that Left 4 Dead could be making any appearances on the PS3, after the release of the other two versions? Or will it be exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC?

Michael Booth: Right now we're entirely focused on making sure Left 4 Dead is as kickass as possible. Beyond that, anything is possible.

Our thanks to Turtle Rock’s founder, Michael Booth, for taking time out to answer our questions. If you would like more information and media regarding Left 4 Dead for the PC and Xbox 360, you can visit the Official Left 4 Dead Website. Be sure to stay tuned in for more news and information regarding all the latest games, here at VG Core.

Article By: Cyguration

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