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Audio Extreme 360 Headphones Review
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Audio Extreme 360 Headphones Review

Surround sound speaker systems are an amazing thing. They are loud, and they make you feel like you are actually in the game. However, not everyone can afford one, and many don't have the room for so many speakers. So what is the solution? A surround sound…headset!

At first, this sounds crazy. How are you going to fit that many speakers on your head? As crazy as it may sound, however, it works--and there are a number of these headsets on the market. One of the newest ones is the Audio Extreme 360 (AX360) surround sound headphones by Tritton Technologies. The AX360 includes a total of eight different speakers (4 in each ear) which create a true 5.1 digital surround sound system. Designed specifically for gamers, the AX360 works well with any game console.

Let's take a look at the official features and specifications for the Audio Extreme 360 by Tritton Technologies:


• True 5.1 Digital Audio Headset
• Dolby Digital and Dolby Prologic Certified
• Digital audio connection for DVD, PC, PS2, XBOX, XBOX360, and all other devices with digital audio output
• 8 speakers, 4 in each ear cup
• In-line volume adjustment for Front, Center, Rear and Subwoofer controls
• Includes external 5.1 audio controller or can connect with any 5.1 amplifier

Package Contents:

• AX360 Headset
• AX360 Audio Controller
• Removable Microphone
• Microphone Extension Cable
• Digital Fiber Optic Cable
• Coaxial Audio Cable
• Soft Carrying Case
• G9 Adapter (PC only, 5.1 sound card adapter)
• Power adapter
• Quick Start Guide

As you can see, this package has it all. If you aren't familiar with audio connections, it is going to take you a while to figure out exactly how everything works and what exactly you need and don't need. If you are just interested in using these headphones on a game console, you will just need the headset, audio controller (with power adapter) and fiber optic cable.

After you figure out what you need and don't need, the setup is actually quite simple. The headphones need to be plugged into the audio controller, the audio controller needs power from an electrical socket, and the audio controller needs an input of some sort (in the case of a game console, a fiber optic input).

Once everything is set up and running, you will quickly find that these headphones sound great. They are Dolby Digital and Dolby Prologic certified, so you know the sound is going to be amazing. If you are used to the dinky speakers that come with normal TVs, you will find that the sound is extremely crisp. You will also notice many other sounds that you never picked up on in games. There are numerous volume controls and settings both on the audio controller and in-line to tinker around with and find what you like the most, allowing a maximum flexibility.

The best thing about the AX360 headset, surprisingly, isn't the sound coming out of the thing. Ok, the sound is amazing--but this is just an insane feature. The headset has a built in rumble feature that shakes your head with the music. This is, by far, the coolest feature ever put into any sort of headgear product. Having these things rumble on your head to whatever is going on in a game is extremely awesome. Not only are you getting incredibly crisp surround sound, but your head also feels like you are right there in the action!

Besides all the features and controls, the actual headset is put together extremely well, and has a very light weight. Every part of it is smooth, and it looks awesome. With an adjustable head strap and moving ear cups, this device is going to fit your head no matter what size it is! The ear pieces cover your entire ear and cancel out almost all other sounds, as well. Also included is a microphone that easily snaps onto the side of the headphones. This is great for use on Xbox Live, and the microphone is made of a material and is easy to bend and twist in any direction you need it to.

Although this headset seems to have it all, one thing that is extremely important to keep in mind is that these are headphones. Having to fool around with headphones every time you want to game will get old extremely fast. Not only that, but these headphones are not wireless, so wires will be getting in the way; using the microphone will also add another wire into the mix. When you are in the mood to game, do you really want to mess with putting these on your head every time, making sure all the wires are in the right place so they won't annoy you, and go through the process to make sure they are turned on with the right settings?

If you have the room and a little extra money for a decent surround sounds system, you should definitely be going that route. With a normal speaker setup you will usually only just have to press the power button and you are off. No need to worry about messy wires and things strapped onto your head.

The AX360 is an amazing set of headphones, though, as long as you remember that they are just headphones. They are an excellent solution if you don't have the room and extra money for a decent surround sound system or if you just happen to prefer headphones to keep the noise down. The built in rumble feature is definitely the coolest feature ever put into a set of headphones, and really separates it from the competition. The sound is superb, and it will suck you right into what is going on in the game. The build and materials used are top of the line, comfortable, and very light weight. You can't really ask for much more; these are the ultimate gaming headphones!

The AX360 headphones currently retail for about $130 - $150. Click here to find where these headphones are available for purchase.

Final Rating: 8 out of 10.

Friday, June 30, 2006

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